North Fresno Rotary and the Water Filtration System (2003- 2007)

Ray Remy has always been a volunteer involved in the community and was a pilot for Liga with a background with well pumps and irrigation systems as President of Sam Jorgensen Pump Co., Reedley, California.  Gordon Knott, a longtime member of North Fresno Rotary, also has a history of volunteering in the community and is a general contractor.    After visiting La Victoria a few times to assist with construction, Gordon Knott was so impressed with “Flying Doctors of Mercy” and La Victoria, he became a pilot and purchased his own plane to volunteer at La Victoria. 

Starting in 2003, Ray Remy spear headed the building of a water filtration system with fellow North Fresno Rotarians Gordon Knott and John Kirkorian.  Bruce LaPorte of LaPorte Construction and Project Manager for Clarion Construction, Inc., and pilot, Phil Sweet of American Carrier also helped with the construction.   Dr. Wallace Harmon, retired from California State University Fresno, Biology Department, assisted with coordinating water analysis so that the correct water filtration system could be chosen.   Dr. Michael Lynch also assisted in organizing personnel to assist on the project drawing on his parasitology studies while obtaining his masters in biology at California State University, Fresno.  Ultimately, a system was chosen that supplies  water to  the clinic, La Victoria

In 2012, after years of volunteering Gordon Knott built a house in lower Mexico where he plans to retired.  John Kirkorian interest with Liga started as Rotarian who still volunteers  as a pilot and with the repair and upkeep of La Victoira and with fundraising.

Parasite Study 2006-2008

Volunteers Dr. Paul Crosbie, Department of Biology, College of Science and Mathematics California State University, Fresno, and a graduate student Jose Luis Soto designed an intestinal parasite study for the patients at La Victoria, for his thesis project to obtain his masters degree in biology in 2009.   The initial objectives included 1) evaluating the prevalence of common intestinal parasites and 2) reduction of parasite transmission with medication and education.  The patients were sampled twice, with anti-parasitic treatment and education between sampling. Further assessment of the effect of anti-parasitic drug treatment and education on parasite prevalence is needed to access what future intervention is needed for the population of patients to be healthier. 

In 2007, La Victoria Was Expanded to Include A Dental Clinic

Evy (Piccinini) Schrager, a dental hygienist and currently an instructor at Fresno City College volunteered with her husband Jeff Schrager, an American Airlines pilot, who also flew for Liga. Evy Schrager’s hometown is Reno, Nevada where she obtained a major donation of dental chairs from a dental office repair vendor and transported the chairs from Reno to Fresno where they were disassembled and stored.  Liga pilots Jeff Scharager and Charles Touton, who also volunteers as a doctor, then made several special flights to La Victoria to deliver the disassembled chairs with other dental equipment such as dental tools and an autoclave that were purchased or donated including an inventory of equipment donated by the wife of a recently deceased Fresno dentist. The dental clinic was then established, and dental patients are currently provided screenings and treatment for cavities to root canals.   The Central California San Joaquin Chapter also volunteer with dentists outside of the Central Valley while other Fresno dentists make monetary or equipment donations.   We also collect toothpaste and toothbrushes and provide instructions for tooth care.

La Victoria Expanded to Include Eye Clinic

It took one time of volunteering in 2013 for pilot and eye doctor Richard Moore, of Eye-Q Medical Vision Care, to establish La Victoria’s eye clinic.  Formerly patients at La Victoria determined on their own what lenses they needed from a table of donated glasses until Dr. Moore provided a simple piece of equipment, a lensometer,  so that we could easily measure the prescription of eyeglasses donated to provide to patients:   we collect glasses, including reading glasses, to provide to the La Victoria patients.  

Educational, Social and Fundraising Efforts

In order to fund the clinic and trips to La Victoria and to educate the public about our mission and increase the number of volunteers to provide medical services, “Flying Doctors of Mercy”, the Central San Joaquin Chapter has had fundraisers and socials.