Eloise Esmael

In approximately in 1922, Eloise Esmael started volunteering for Liga when she was invited to translate on a trip by a former co-worker and volunteer translator, Gilbert Hernandez.  After Eloise’s first trip, she was hooked but was not financially able to volunteer on trips as often as she would have liked too. In the meanwhile, she found other ways to donate her time to Liga.  Eloise has been a board member for the past 8 years and the Secretary-Treasurer since 2012 following Nancy Justis’ retirement:  Nancy was a longtime volunteer as the Secretary-Treasurer and her husband, Larry, a pharmacist, also volunteered as a pilot and pharmacist for Liga, until the couple’s retirement.  Eloise uses her organizational and bookkeeping skills to serve a vital function with Liga to keep us informed as to whether volunteer flight paperwork has properly been completed while also reporting on our finances so that we can plan for each trip.  Eloise also records the minutes for our general monthly meetings so that we stay on task on what needs to be done and keep track of our accomplishments.  

Eloise retired from working at Central California Legal Services and currently Eloise flies to La Victoria to translate as often as she is needed, because she sets aside money to pay for her Liga trips: Eloise enjoys helping the people of Mexico and will continue to do so as long as she is able.  Eloise’s hobby is selling antiques and collectibles at a booth at the Clovis Antique Mall and during the week she takes care of her mom who is 96 years of age.  

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