Mark McAfee

Mark McAfee has a diverse background and with his family, their entrepreneurial spirit has renewed Liga International, Inc., Central San Joaquin Chapter’s commitment. Mark McAfee’s father was a pilot, and Mark’s first flying experience was at 10 months old when he sat on his father’s lap.  At age 15, Mark started flying by himself and soloed in 5.5 hours: He has loved flying ever since. Mark returned to his family farm in 1983 with his wife to raise their children Aaron and Kaleigh and to follow his passion to farm the land where he grew up. In 1996, he retired from the Fresno County Health Department after 16 years of serving as an Emergency Medical Specialist paramedic and health department medical educator with more than 15,000 911 calls. Mark, with his two brothers, brought back the family dairy and farming operation with an emphasis to be environmentally conscious, organic, sustainable, consumer connected, and local. In 1999, Mark founded and became the Chief Executive Office of Organic Pastures Dairy and McAfee Farms located in Fresno. 

Mark and his wife, Blaine, who is a retired labor and delivery nurse and also volunteer for Liga, have 6 grandchildren.  Their daughter Kaleigh volunteers her time for Liga by using her graphic and marketing skills to educate the public and promote Liga.  Their son Aaron, also a pilot, also flies for Liga.

Mark has been flying with Liga since 1991 and has about 1500 hours of logged flying time. He owns and flies a 1986 TB 20 Trinidad Socata Aircraft with five seats. He is trained in high performance aircraft, mountain flying, STOL aircraft, complex aircraft and tail wheel aircraft.

Mark McAfee
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